For a while I was subscribed to Ipsy. After receiving bronzers (UGH I do NOT wear bronzer) and three of the same shimmery gold eye shadow in three different bags, I had enough. My preferences were completely ignored, so I felt it was time to find another subscription box. I didn’t want a beauty box because my makeup collection is large enough. Browsing YouTube I found one for panties called Volupties! It’s the plus-size version of another subscription service called Splendies. Anyway, the panties are sooo cute. I’m obsessed with panties. I’ll stop saying panties. This box (bag) was $12 with a coupon code. When I contacted customer service, they were nice enough to make a note in my account to avoid thongs, because I just don’t like them. I’m very pleased with this company and I’m definitely looking forward to next month’s bag.

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