My son was the only kid in his class to be nominated to participate in the new after school STEM club. I’m so happy he has these opportunities because we did not have anything like that when I was in school! He’s super excited and that makes me happy because he has a genuine interest in something, which is so important. It’s also really great when a teacher takes the time out of her busy day to call you to “gush” about how well your child is doing. Makes me proud, and gives me a lot less to worry about in life. Now that our work schedules have changed, we’re trying to get more involved with his school activities. He has a field trip coming up to the Dallas World Aquarium and my husband and I volunteered to chaperone. Eeeek. We’re all “Yay it’s gonna be fun!” but with our luck, the kids are probably going to act like a bunch of maniacs that day. It’ll be good practice, and I think they’ll have fun which is the most important thing.

I enjoy having happy things to write about. Makes me forget about the annoying little things going on. Some douchebag stole our laundry basket last night from the laundry room. While I was super annoyed about losing a basket that wasn’t exactly cheap (sturdy hard plastic hamper with a handle & wheels that came in a pack of three), I’m just SO glad our clothes were untouched. Not long ago an entire load of my son’s clothes went missing and I was fucking livid. So tired of the trashy people that are slowing moving into this area. A lot of dishonest and always-wanting-something-for-nothing types. To finally have a home with our own washer and dryer is the dream and our next major life goal.

I’ve been trying to avoid this topic, but since it could be a while before anyone knows just how she died, I figure I might as well talk about it. I’ve always said that if I ever got to see Dolores O’Riordan sing live, that I would cry. She was fantastic. My husband and I are crushed. We always listen to The Cranberries (he’s one of the few men I know that love them as much as I do) and we always talked about how one day we were going to see them live together for the first time. And we’d sing the songs at the top of our lungs while crying, because it would be the best experience ever. But now I won’t ever get that chance, and on 1/15 I was crying for a different reason. I was absolutely heartbroken for her and her family when I heard the news. It took me a few days to finally turn on The Cranberries and quietly mourn. I was just too sad. I have loved them since I was 13 years old so this was a major blow.