Busy busy

I have a lot to blog about. Most of it is about stuff I’ve seen on the news. But I find that when I finally sit down to type it all out, I’m drained of energy. It just takes a lot out of me to think about the world/social issues that are bothering me. So yeah, I’m just going to leave it alone. For now.

We are moving. I think we took a little too long to find a new apartment that met our needs, (I was becoming frantic hunting for one) but we found one and move in the second week of July. It’s close to my son’s school, close to places I need to be, has a pool, nice neighborhood, nice layout. I am super excited about finally getting a bigger place because we are adopting kittens as soon as we are settled, and anyone that knows us knows we want kittens the way some people want babies. And now with more space, we will all be more comfortable. My son is on vacation with his grandmother so when he comes home he will have lots of surprises waiting for him.

I need to start cleaning. And packing. I have way too much stuff. Just packing makeup will be a chore.