DIY: Lego Dresser

I was given an old chest of drawers for my son’s bedroom a couple of months ago. I decided it would be my new DIY project because once I saw it, a ton of ideas flooded my brain. I came across a Lego themed dresser on Pinterest and knew that was the one. My kid is a huge Lego fan and it seemed simple to make with minimal spending. I think it was a brilliant gift for him for his birthday and he absolutely loves it for clothing storage.





The total cost of materials was less than $75 which is pretty damn good. A piece of furniture like this purchased at a retail store would no doubt sell for hundreds of dollars.

I had to buy basic supplies (that can be used for future projects) that I didn’t have around the house like paint brushes, drop cloths, sandpaper, wood glue, and painters tape. The cost also included the black paint, white primer, four cans of spray paint, wood filler, and most importantly, the wood disks which were purchased on Etsy. (Etsy has EVERYTHING!)

I began by removing the drawer pulls, and then lightly sanded the entire surface to get rid of water rings and scratches. After that I filled the holes where the pulls had been nailed in with wood filler, which I had never used before. Next came primer on all the surfaces, so the paint would go on smoothly and so the colors would really pop. I painted the dresser next, it took two coats of black paint and I was SO pleased with the results. It was so elegant and looked brand new. After that I took a break, because I had a bunch of other things to do and got bored. Eventually I started up again and began gluing all 64 wood disks together. I had to sandwich two to get the thickness right for the Lego “pegs” and then took exact measurements on the drawers in order to glue all eight pegs on perfectly.


After that it was time to spray paint. It took a day for those to dry completely before putting them in the dresser. After a few hours of drying, I applied tape and finished painting the inside of the drawers black. I couldn’t leave them as is because it looked terrible, and the paint also got rid of the musty smell.

A few people have asked how we pull the drawers out. All we do is grab the outer pegs and pull. Because of this, I may go back and reinforce the pegs with a nail gun so they don’t come off. But I don’t have one right now so until then, it’s staying as is.


My kiddo thinks it’s awesome and I hope he remembers how much I enjoyed doing this for him. It’s probably one of the most special gifts I’ve ever given anyone.