Endless Summer

Saturday the nerd and I drove to Dallas to see Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love. It was a very different experience for us since 99% of the time we attend rock/metal/goth shows. Courtney Love put on a great show. I got the album Live Through This as a gift from my mom sometime in 1994-1995, and never had the opportunity to see Hole live in concert. 20 years later it was finally possible so I was smiling the entire time. The only downside: I wish we had been closer. *sigh* That and our section was so boring. The crowd was full of rude teens and twenty-something douchebags who had no idea or interest in who she was. People were more interested in playing with their “selfie sticks” and talking so loud you could hear it through the entire performance. Needless to say, it was infuriating and ruined my good time.

1. Plump
2. Miss World
3. Skinny Little Bitch
4. Violet
5. Malibu
6. Take This Longing (Leonard Cohen cover)
7. Gold dust woman (the infamous Fleetwood Mac cover which was so amazing)
8. Celebrity skin
9. Doll parts

I could tell she was feeding off the energy of the crowd, which wasn’t much. She knew most of the venue was filled with clueless “millennials” and children. I got some good audio of Doll Parts which can be found on my Instagram. After her set, an announcement came on letting us know that Lana’s performance was postponed due to terrible weather approaching. SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT. A lot of people were so rude to her on her social media, as if she caused the thunderstorms and hail and possible tornadoes.

I received an email yesterday letting me know the rescheduled tour date will be announced as soon as possible, so I’m looking forward to that.