Birthday, Bedroom & DIY

So I had a good birthday. Very low key, but nice. My family called and sent me videos and I had all the nice birthday wishes on Facebook from my buddies all around the world. The Nerd left before I woke up and got me a couple of small surprises. He got me a little mini cake with candles and made me cookies with little Hello Kitties on them, and he got me a card and two of these red Milani matte liquid lipsticks I had been watching YouTube videos about. That’s all I wanted. They’re beautiful. The best thing was the card. Hands down. 💜


My son is coming home in less than a week and I am excited. The next few weeks will be super busy. We’ll be preparing for first grade, preparing for my fall semester, finishing up the apartment, getting back into the swing of things especially since he’s been gone all summer, adjusting to busy season starting at The Nerd’s job. (That’s always tough.)

Seth’s got a brand new bedroom and new furniture for it courtesy of his grandmother & future step grandmother. I think he will be super stoked over his new bed. It should be here on Thursday and we plan on making a little hideout/reading nook in the space underneath. I think it will be great to have especially since we read multiple books before bedtime, and it will make it extra fun. I actually like this rather than a double bunk because it will be a space saver, and I won’t have to struggle to clean under a second bed that doesn’t even get used.


We’re big fans of The Avengers in this house so it’s only fitting he get some superhero bedding. He originally wanted Batman, then changed his mind. An early birthday present from his aunt:


I’ve also got myself a DIY project. The nerd’s mom had this old chest of drawers she was really wanting to get rid of and she gave it to us for Seth’s room. I’ll be painting it black, painting the inside of the drawers a different color (possibly blue), lining the insides with a superhero fabric or paper of some kind, and maybe changing the drawer pulls. Maybe. I can’t wait to start. I just need to buy all of the supplies.