Boys in makeup

Seth: “If boys wanna wear makeup, wear makeup. If you wanna wear nail polish you wear nail polish. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it!

It seems that all attempts to make my child NOT be an asshole are working. He brought the subject of makeup up because he saw me watching a Jeffree Star video. That made me so happy. Of course he has questions as to why some boys wear makeup, but all that’s important is that he knows everyone is different and isn’t restricted by gender roles.

Cover Girl Star Wars Collection

I love when makeup companies do nerd collections. A while back I got some of the Electric Chrome stuff Revlon released for the Spider-man 2 movie. I got three of the nail polishes and one of the lip glosses. Honestly, I love this stuff mostly because of the packaging. That gloss has been in my stash unused for about a year now. But anyway, this collection from Cover Girl seems pretty neat, and gives me an excuse to buy more lipsticks!

I’m not that excited about the color range. Too many shimmers/frosts, and nothing that seems flattering for my skin tone. I also think the packaging could have been a little more fancy. :/

covergirl-star-wars-limited-edition-lipsticks enhanced-16486-1439485670-1 Image1