My name is Ariane. Most people can’t say my name even after I tell them two or three times. I can’t figure out why, because it’s really not that difficult. “Air-ee-on.” It’s not Irene, it is not Adrianne and it is definitely not Arlene.

I live in North Texas. I have an 8 year old son named Seth. I just call him Goblin most of the time.

I’m this close to getting my teaching degree (slowly but steadily – anxiety is a bitch). I want to make a difference, encourage learning, and be the influential teacher that you don’t come across often in public schools.

I love my music. I’m a hardcore procrastinator, pessimist, and overall tiny, grumpy storm cloud in stompy boots. I am mesmerized by the cosmos and spellbound by violin songs. I like to blog sometimes. I’m very into networking, unfortunately I’m not very social. If you want, these are the places you can find me.

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