Sometime I wonder if I should try to have my son tested so he can move up a grade. He should be in second grade but started kindergarten a year later when he was 6. This was all because of the stupid enrollment age requirements. I feel like this is really holding him back. Had he been born a week earlier, he would have been eligible. By the end of this school year he will be reading and understanding 3rd grade level books. He’s great at math, he has a huge vocabulary, his writing has improved a ton. Anything he isn’t excelling at is mostly because he is super lazy. It drives me insane. He has some issues with creativity, self-control, and working neatly but that can improve. I also think moving up faster so he can join orchestra or band sooner would help a ton. Music is not an option in this family. I’ve told him he has to take a year of some kind of instrument (preferably strings and not any kind of brass instrument – haha), but if he ends up not enjoying it, he doesn’t have to do it again the following year. I really need to light a fire under his ass because he really isn’t all that concerned about school and he needs to be. He hates doing homework. He has an attitude like, “Well I already KNOW it.” and that’s because he’s definitely bored. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. I think you so should have him tested! If he’s not being challenged enough he’ll continue to fail and be bored. Good luck with whatever you choose! xx

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