Facebook Dump

(A quick update, mostly a dump for relevant facebook statuses.)

– My son is going to be a second grader soon. How time flies by. 🙁

– I’ve been binge watching Penny Dreadful and Stranger Things. (FINISHED!)

– Yes, I downloaded Pokemon Go. No I am not ashamed.

– Still on the job hunt. It’s not going well.

– My quest to become the Carrie Bradshaw of eye wear is slowly coming to fruition. These were an early birthday gift from my mother.



Facebook dump

(A quick update, mostly a dump for relevant facebook statuses.)

– I went to put Seth’s clothes away and his room is so empty. I’m really missing my goblin. He’s gone for the summer to visit his family.

– To the person who tried to use my account and credit card to order a laptop from Newegg,com: I hope you die in a fire.

– I got two free general admission tickets from that whole Ticketmaster lawsuit, but they’re only good for eligible concerts. I hope there are some good ones.

– Currently on the hunt for a job.

– I’m not a huge Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac fan, but sometimes I like her voice, because I’m hoping it will calm my panic attacks.

May updates

(A quick update, mostly a dump for relevant facebook statuses.)

I always do this. I just realized my son leaves in two weeks for the summer. He says he won’t forget me and will write me. (lol) I always miss him terribly at first, then once a month passes, I get used to having a mom break! When he comes back, he will be a second grader. Where the hell does the time go? Anyway, we have letters and phone calls and facetime sessions so it’s easy to keep in touch while he’s with his family. Since The Nerd’s two week vacation starts a week before school ends, we have plans before he leaves… Medieval Times in Dallas for sure, possibly the Oklahoma zoo (or any zoo in DFW), and maybe more Dallas adventures like the giant eye ball, Reunion Tower and the Dallas aquarium. I can’t wait. This is much needed family time.

Elliptical purchased! I’m excited about trying to feel better physically and hopefully losing some inches.

We got a new couch finally. Sitting on it feels like heaven.

I’m in a very dark mood. I’m also very tired, but I’m trying not to be.

I was browsing ASOS a few weeks ago and saw something with chiffon and silver glitter stars that I couldn’t resist. I had to buy it because I’m sure it was going to sell out, (it was on sale as well!) and I decided that this would be the dress I wear to my graduation. I’m not showing the whole thing, but here’s a sneak peek.


April updates

(A quick update, mostly a dump for relevant facebook statuses.)

– Seven weeks and still no couch, and no call about scheduling the delivery of our couch. UGHHH we NEED our couch. The one we currently have is falling apart and trying to kill us with protruding wood and nails and staples.

– I am registered for my final semester before student teaching. I am scared. 🙁

– So I got the OK to pick out an elliptical! My diet is responsible for being fat, but I think a medication I’m on is making me gain even faster. It’s hard to tell because I don’t own a scale. I’ve felt so huge and bloated and my pants fit tighter. I’m also noticing my double chin even more. I’ve seen a few that double as a bike/elliptical, so I can get an upper body workout along with lower, because my upper body is huge. I’m very apple-shaped. I was originally going to get a bike but people are cruel and I don’t want to be the fat chick on the bike riding around the neighborhood. I’d just rather not have people watching me when I exercise. So yeah, I’m excited.

2016 updates

(A quick update, mostly a dump for relevant facebook statuses.)

– Hot cocoa & snuggling weather is finally here.

– Christmas was awesome, as usual. I’m sad it’s over. I’m always sad whenever the holidays are over now. I used to LOATHE November-December. Now I miss it!! Not because of gifts, but because I love the people I am surrounded by.

– New Year’s Eve was uneventful, but relaxing. We had a glass of scotch, played some video games and watched Stephen King movies.

– The Nerd’s mom got us some bookshelves for Christmas. I finished assembling them and I am in the process of taking all books out of storage. I missed my books!

– I just discovered Spotify and it is awesome.

Taylor Davis is my new favorite violinist.

– Gun nuts can now open carry in my state. *eye roll* I might write a blog on this if I feel up to it.

– My Goblin is getting glasses soon.

– And speaking of the Goblin, we’re seriously considering starting our own YouTube channel to play Minecraft and be silly. Or we might create a Twitch channel to display live game play. We’ll see what happens with that.