The heat has been so devastating lately. Actually, the humidity has been killing me even more than the temperature. I’ve been adjusting to the new schedule, getting Seth to school every morning, preparing for one of my last semesters of school. It’s been rough. I’m tired.

I’ve been drinking coffee all morning. It is probably why I’ve finished laundry, doing dishes, and cleaning the apartment all before 10:00am. That’s early for me. I did a few site updates a while back, the most important being a Halloween countdown on the sidebar. I love it. I am SO ready for fall, you have no idea.

On repeat:

That’s pretty much it for today.

Facebook Dump

(A quick update, mostly a dump for relevant facebook statuses.)

– My son is going to be a second grader soon. How time fucking flies by. 🙁

– I’ve been binge watching Penny Dreadful and Stranger Things. (FINISHED!)

– Yes, I downloaded Pokemon Go. No I am not ashamed.

– Still on the job hunt. It’s not going well.

– I am SO sick of seeing Donald Trump’s ugly fucking face everywhere.

– My quest to become the Carrie Bradshaw of eye wear is slowly coming to fruition. These were an early birthday gift from my mother.