30 Things About Anxiety Nobody Talks About

30 Things About Anxiety Nobody Talks About

1. “It can come out of nowhere, even without a trigger, and overwhelm you at any given time. It’s very powerful and scary. Feels like a heart attack, a dizzy spell and a punch in the gut all at once.”

2. “A lot of people with anxiety disorders are in a constant state of anxiety. It’s not something that comes and goes. It’s a 24/7 thing that can’t be turned off or turned down no matter how hard you try.”

3. “‘Anxiety’ is a term used very loosely. It’s not often that people acknowledge just how debilitating it is.”

4. “It’s hard to have a relationship when you have anxiety… anxiety causes low self-esteem and low self-worth and sometimes we push people away because of it.”

5. “Hypervigilance — some of us are super aware of things going on in our surroundings, whether we’re conscious of it or not. This makes some of us easy targets to scare, and it can take a while to calm down from something like being tapped on the shoulder.”

6. “It’s exhausting. Being tense and on edge is physically and mentally draining. It is so much more than just the mind. It affects appetite, behavior, emotions — everything.”

7. “People with anxiety can feel helpless and suicidal. These thoughts are not only associated with other ‘more severe’ mental illnesses.”

8. “The physical issues that come with it. Constipation. The runs. Puking and much more. All the ‘gross’ stuff that no one wants to openly admit.”

9. “Violent and tragic intrusive thoughts, like not being able to stop imagining family or friends you care deeply about dying horribly and painfully.”

10. “A panic attack looks different for different people. I’m good at masking them in public, pretending to be part of the conversation, nodding strategically because I can’t even speak.”

11. “Sometimes, once you have it under control, you feel a little less like yourself. It’s so all-consuming that when it’s gone you almost don’t know what to. This little devil sits on your shoulder, and when you’re able to brush him off, you miss the company.”

12. “It’s common for young children to be labeled as ‘bad’ because people don’t understand anxiety disorders in children.”

13. “Nobody talks about how everyone experiences anxiety differently. While I may need space, cold water and a tune to hum when I’m feeling especially anxious, others might need a shoulder to lean on and a peaceful distraction. This lack of conversation is particularly harmful because I and many others often have our experiences with anxiety invalidated when we tell someone that we experience anxiety in a way they may be unfamiliar with.”

14. “The guilt is there even when I’m feeling better. I feel such shame and guilt for all of the broken promises, dropped commitments, jobs I had to quit and events I missed. My anxiety is the thief, but I still feel like I’m at fault.”

15. “The physical part, the rapid heartbeats, the numbness, tunnel vision, being completely fatigued and physically worn out after an episode.”

16. “It gets boring. I have the same obsessive thoughts and worries over and over. I replay situations in my head for hours. I write lists to try to get things out of my head, over and over. I turn molehills into mountains until I can’t think of anything else. I get hung up on one detail and it’s all I can see for days. It’s boring, it’s repetitive and it’s overwhelming.”

17. “It can cause you to snap at people when they’re doing something that triggers you. Then later, when you try to apologize or explain, they don’t understand.”

18. “Even if I take medication, it doesn’t mean I’m suddenly free of panic attacks and anxiety.”

19. “Anxiety can make you jump to a wrong conclusion really fast.”

20. “For me, sex/relationship difficulties stem from anxiety.”

21. “It’s just like depression in the sense that there isn’t necessarily an answer to the question ‘what are you depressed about?’ Depression is an illness. It’s ‘about’ an illness. ‘What are you anxious about?’ Who knows?! I just am. The end.”

22. “Anger can come with the anxiety. I show irritability when my anxiety is high and it makes me seem like an unhappy person. I’m not, I’m just spinning out of control in my own mind.”

23. “It affects every facet of my life. The constant tension, irritability and fear seeps into every part of your daily existence. Snapping at the people you love because they’re doing something making you more tense, sleeping so lightly that every noise wakes you up. Anxiety shapes your day.”

24. “Anxiety is such a powerful emotion. It’s hard to explain how it really truly frightens you to the point where is controls your life. It feels like being in an emotionally abusive relationship with the negative thoughts in your head. No escape.”

25. “Anxiety isn’t always people freaking out externally or imagining the worst case scenarios, blubbering out loud about it. It’s more than that. Anxiety can be silent, unheard and internal. You’re freaking out internally and panicking and sometimes, keeping it all in will result in those moments when we just break down.”

26. “The paralyzing self doubt that comes along with anxiety can manifest itself is procrastination when it comes to doing things with your life or certain tasks. It makes you seem lazy.”

27. “There actually is a level of healthy anxiety that helps us to perform well on tests, in athletics, in school plays or similar. The issue is when it starts affecting your everyday life and stops you from doing the things you love or stops you from being successful.”

28. “We constantly swap and wear masks to hide how we really feel. We are human chameleons and masters of disguise, so other people don’t see our panic and pain.”

29. “It’s a nightmare to find the best course of treatment. Medications can help, but they also have side effects. On the other hand, natural remedies don’t always work the same for everyone. Be patient with us while we are trying to figure out what is best for us.”

30. “The fear of anxiety can also cause it.”

Lacuna Coil

I’ve been a fan of Lacuna Coil since 2001. Those were the days of Napster when I discovered the album Unleashed Memories. I just fell in love with their style. They’re playing Trees in Dallas and I’m going to see them FINALLY.


I’m so excited, I can’t wait!! This is one of my bands… one of the ones I’ve wanted to see for such a long time. I’ve looked at past set lists and they’re playing more new stuff rather than the old albums, but that’s fine. I just want to see Cristina Scabbia & Andrea Ferro sing live on stage and possibly get a few photos. The boy and I have a date planned for that whole day. First, we’re going to see the giant eyeball. Yes, I said giant eyeball. It’s a 30-foot sculpture by an artist named Tony Tassert. It’s just one of those things you have to see if you’re in Dallas.



Then we might make a stop somewhere for a lunch and coffee… probably Caffe Strada since the reviews on Yelp say it’s a nice place, and close to the eye.

April updates

(A quick update, mostly a dump for relevant facebook statuses.)

– Seven weeks and still no couch, and no call about scheduling the delivery of our couch. UGHHH we NEED our couch. The one we currently have is falling apart and trying to kill us with protruding wood and nails and staples.

– I am registered for my final semester before student teaching. I am scared. 🙁

– So I got the OK to pick out an elliptical! My diet is responsible for being fat, but I think a medication I’m on is making me gain even faster. It’s hard to tell because I don’t own a scale. I’ve felt so huge and bloated and my pants fit tighter. I’m also noticing my double chin even more. I’ve seen a few that double as a bike/elliptical, so I can get an upper body workout along with lower, because my upper body is huge. I’m very apple-shaped. I was originally going to get a bike but people are cruel and I don’t want to be the fat chick on the bike riding around the neighborhood. I’d just rather not have people watching me when I exercise. So yeah, I’m excited.

Wig is Fashion order

I realized that I don’t have a spare wig, so I had to buy a new one. This is my first purchase from Wig Is Fashion. I’m excited because it’s like nothing I’ve ever worn. I needed one that was inexpensive for days when I don’t have to look professional, which will extend the life of my black wig. Wearing my fancy human hair wig constantly will screw it up faster and I really don’t have the money to replace it every six months. Anyway… I got something a little colorful and more “me.” I also might trim off about 6 inches. That’s way too much hair for me. Pics to come as soon as I get it.


Maya Angelou

A Last love,
proper in conclusion,
should snip the wings
forbidding further flight.
But I, now,
reft of that confusion,
am lifted up
and speeding toward the light



There are some nights when
sleep plays coy,
aloof and disdainful.
And all the wiles
that I employ to win
its service to my side
are useless as wounded pride,
and much more painful.